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Läsnäolo / Presence/Presencia

Text: Red de mujeres en Finlandia (RdMF) From 8th to 14th March, as a part of International Women’s Day, La Red de Mujeres-Finlandia (RdMF) makes a window-exhibition that brings together all their visual memories produced during their activities.  This exhibition results from three years of work and cooperation as a community of Latin American migrant women with other binary and non-binary women’s groups in Finland. … Continue reading Läsnäolo / Presence/Presencia

Fight for freedom

As we celebrate Black History Month I want to remember all those women and girls who were tortured, raped, killed, auctioned, and exploited to work on a plantation. Thousands were separated from their family, had their original names changed, gave birth to children products of rape, obligated to breastfeed the master’s children and many other inhumane acts.  A lot of these women fought and died … Continue reading Fight for freedom

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Mother language

I was born and grew up in an intercultural environment.  My mother tongue is English Creole and Spanish is my second language. I also understand Miskito (fairly), which is  one of the native indigenous languages in Nicaragua. Miskito is a Misulmapan language, which along with  Sumo and Matagalpan, comprises  this linguistic family. It is spoken by almost 150,000 people in the North and South Caribbean … Continue reading Mother language