Welcome to Women Wheel a community online that develops different women topics. Here we cover my experiences and others based on sexuality, gender, violence, culture, climate change, literature, womanhood, feminism, and decolonization stories that will link us together regardless of where you live, age, and race. Our wheel is durable and resistant, the same as the women’s fight, voices, and actions. 

The logo a wheel in the middle of the O from women is from an old wooden wheelbarrow that has six sides and two equilateral triangles. Each side of both triangles also means the six segments of the blog.

This wheel represents the movement that women globally are rotating daily to aim for an equivalent triangle in society. The logo was designed by Pamela Salinas illustration.

The colours of the page have the following meaning: purple represents the women’s movement, colour of justice and dignity; green represents nature and hope, and yellow means energy, optimism, and cheerfulness.

Join the movement of the wheel!

Please feel free to contact me at womwheel@gmail.com

Thank you for reading. 

Shirlene Green Newball

Hi all, I am an Afro-Indigenous woman from a small town on north- Caribbean of Nicaragua.  I like to talk, laugh, hang out with friends, watch movie, read, and enjoy nature. 

After graduating from my bachelor’s degree in Philology and Communication, I worked with several women organizations. Years after, I moved back home to launch my career as a TV producer for different local programmes. 

My work also grew by writing for several magazines such as La Boletina, Maailman Kuvalehti, Suomi Nicaragua Seura, The Shortcut blog, and national newspapers, La Prensa and Nuevo Diario.

For over 10 years, I coordinated a journalist project with the Finnish Foundation for Media Communication and Development (Vikes). Here along with my colleages, we produced short stories, reportages, and documentaries for radio and television. 

Photo by Rosamaria Bolom

The documentary Lih Wina – the One-way Trip won a prize as the best short documentary at the Central American Films Festival-ICARO and a jury mentioned at T-film Ostrava, Czech Republic.

As a freelance, I had worked for international Broadcast Companies such as YLE, Estonian Public Broadcast, and In Focus Productions

During this last year, my career path has shifted. I still have a passion to hear people stories, but also, I want to share my own that is the reason I decided to start this new journey by creating this blog.